Core values

The core values ​​we apply to our business are:

Quality – We have opted for quality assurance of the ways in which we work. Among other things, this means that we regularly undergo training, we always have a point of contact and a backup for every assignment, and we work with checklists. We work in accordance with a structured working model in which our documentation provides a foundation, allowing us to guarantee the results we deliver.

Professionalism – We enter into agreements which clearly state our responsibilities as an accounting firm, and we work in accordance with REKO, the Swedish standard for accounting services.

Accessibility – We are flexible and can adapt to suit the wishes of our clients. We can perform our services on site at clients’ premises.

Service – We ask our clients what they expect – and then we make sure we meet these expectations. With us, clients themselves decide how much of the work they want to do themselves and what elements they want us to stand responsible for.